Some women work best when they free-style through their day, answering when inspiration calls and taking 'spontaneity' as their byword. But most of us function best with a sense of routine: daily plans and rituals to help us work, rest, and socialize.

For instance, many artists are careful to plan the early hours so as to set the tone for the day and avoid frittering them away.

Jane Austen's day began with practical concerns, completing household chores (with the support of her servants) first thing in the morning to make the time and headspace to write all day. "Composition seems to me impossible, with a head full of joints of mutton and rhubarb."

Martha Graham uses her early mornings for self-care, walking her dogs, admiring her greenhouse crops and working out, before drinking juice from the fruit of her own gardens. All of this at an hour before many of us have even stirred.

The life of a pop star, on the other hand, is more topsy-turvy: Lady Gaga performs in the evenings, so she gets her songwriting done in the morning, leaving the day free to prepare mentally and physically for her show. But before she picks up a pen, she completes her own private ritual of compassionate thoughts about herself: "love who you are," Gaga says of the ritual, which helps her to cope with criticism, "you are all that you got."

A new book from Mason Currey, Daily Rituals: Women at Work, details how our most celebrated writers and artists have shaped their working day across the years. Inspired by Currey's insights (and with some extra research of our own) we decided to create an interactive tool to visualize how these prominent creatives divided-up their schedules.

Every woman's schedule is unique, and these famous women's daily rituals are highly motivating and peppered with good ideas. Whose great example would you like to live up to?

Daily Rituals
of Famous Women

Ever wondered how some of the most famous and important women in history have lived their daily lives?
This interactive chart map out their usual routines, inspired and informed by 'Daily Rituals: Women at Work' by Mason Currey.
You can hover over the bars to find out more about how they all spend their days.

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Disclaimer: The above info doesn't characterize the entire life of each person but a specific period of time as recorded in diaries, letters, interviews and other publicly available sources.

If you're more of a visual learner why not review our infographic version below. It's got all of the best information from the above interactive, plus you get the bonus of some awesome illustrations.